VAWA mini

Vek 80 × 30 cm 3,8 kg 160 kg

Material: hand made from beech wood (CE certificate)

Country of origin: Slovakia

Delivery: 2 – 3 weeks

per order
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Price: 95.00 €
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VAWA mini description

It’s a simple, modern, ecological, quality Slovak toy made from beech wood. The design is inspired by Waldorf and Montessori activities. Designed for kids from 3 years old, but even younger ones do not hesitate to use its multi-functionality. Once it’s kiddie ride, slide, chair or armchair, or even bridge for racing cars, or tunnel for toy-trains. When connecting several pieces you can build a secure hidy-hole, a house, an obstacle course. It might help by body-control, motor function, stability, concentration, cognitive skills, and the yo-yo movement of vawa calms down and puts the smallest kids to sleep. Relax, swing and experience joy and adventure with VAWA mini.