What is VAWA?

The first Slovak balance rocking board, inspired by Waldorf and Montessori activities. Our VAWA mini and VAWA maxi models are CE tested and certified as a safe toy for children of three years and older. Handmade in Slovakia, layering high quality 100% beech wood in a minimalist modern design. Moves and entertains not only children but also adults.

VAWA is amazing tool and toy with added value because of its multifunctional use. Especially for children who can, thanks to their imagination, conjure up a toy of unexpected or even infinite possibilities. Once it’s kiddie ride, slide, chair or armchair, or even bridge for racing cars, even tunnel for toy-trains. When connecting several pieces you can build a secure hidy-hole, a house, an obstacle course, or a tower. Have fun and relax with VAWA in pairs as well.

Precise and professional design and the use of the best materials in combination with skillful hands of experts make VAWA high quality, environmentally friendly and safe product. It's a simple, yet functionally unlimited toy, rehabilitation and fitness tool, produced with love for natural materials.


Basic principles and functions


Not only adults will be surprised by the balance characteristics, opportunity to relax, release of stress, optimal use of deep muscle stabilization system, breathing, stimulation of muscle body tone and sensors of the vestibular system. Thus it helps to develop – coordination, sense for balance, stability, and opens up the ability of perception of one's body in space.

The complexity of VAWA balance board can be tried in many components of your workout. It improves agility, gross motor skills, body stability and responsiveness to many stimuli. It just depends on the intensity of swinging. With living memory the slow movement is considered to be soothing, relaxing, allowing babies and toddlers to accelerate and improve sleep. This feature will be appreciated especially by parents swinging with their children in a sling, carrier or just in their arms.

Sensory movement (using multiple senses) affects both motor function but also the central nervous system, which can improve the cognitive skills (intelligence, memory, thinking), language, concentration, and learning.