Eva & PeterLife in continual movement. This explains my entity of a woman, currently of a mother the most. Joy from movement on the rocking board of Waldorf type captivated me right at first sight and try. I immediatelly “fell in love” with its simplicity together with its multifunction. And after it, a bee appeared in my bonnet.

Shortly after that my husband prepared a surprise for me. A detailed draft of our board with dimensions, specific sketch and almost perfect design. Why almost? We missed a name – logo. It may seem unbelievable but our 8 months old son took care of it. He just started speaking, discovering his own sounds and he called everything “...vawa vawa vawa...“. A cherry on the top was objectification of these letters to the current logo in a simple and supertemporal design. Just as our board – VAWA.

Our way started like that with original, first handmade product of its type in Slovakia....

...a way full of adventure and expectations – VAWA