The Balance Stones

...with a touch of wood in balance

Vek 4 – 8 cm

Country of origin: Slovakia

Delivery: 2 – 3 weeks

Material: hand made from beech wood (CE certificate)

Package: 7 pcs (take them anywhere with you thanks to natural pack made of 100% linen)

per order
Price: 20.00 €
with VAT Old price: 25.00 €with VAT

Balance stones description

We believe that our product can be entertaining and inspire you to be more creative and to a new way of thinking. VAWA wooden balance stones will mainly support your patience, soft motor activity, concentration, creativity and they calm your mind. They can also be a daily antistress helper.

The concept is from Japan, it is inspired by the stones Tumi Ishi which is a name for “heaped stones”. Learn to build a tower out of a heap of stones. With two sets, you are able to build a castle or house, tunel for cars or just turn the edges which increases the difficulty of your building. Fantasy has no burdens.

Discover the beauty of wood with a touch of uniqueness and meet its pattern and shape in every moment. You can be sure that your piece is an original. Learning by game with the help of touch and smell will help you to recognize local types of wood such as walnut, maple, oak, cherry and others. Precise and professional rendition, usage of a high-quality slovak wood in combination with skilled hands make the balance stones a high-quality, ecological, non-toxic and safe product. The wood is precisely worked and each excess is maximally used. The philosophy of sustainable development is important to our company.

Cleaning and maintanance

Eco-friendly and kids-friendly hard waxed natural oil will make sure that the stones are safe to be used by the youngest members of the family. It keeps the water and dirt away, thanks to which the stones don’t need any special maintanance! It prevents it also from potential scratching.

  • If there is any dirt, the surface can be easily washed in water with moistened cloth, you can also add a few drops of ecological detergent and wipe it in circular motions until completely dry.
  • Do not clean with a rough surfacean abrasive detergents because of a potential scratching.